Sab is a short name & also the artistic name, but her real name is Sabina; an artist born in Malmö 1988. Nowadays based in Alberobello, Italy. where she currently working on various artistic projects.

Being creative has always been an important component in life and interest was born early. As a child she was influenced by watching her father paint aquarelle & oilpaintings. 

After primary school, Sabina chose a textile education where she studied sewing, pattern design and screen printing on textile surfaces. 

During the textile education the interest in printing technology grow bigger, which a few years later provoked further studies in graphics crafts to develop the art form. 

The techniques that captured her emotions for the artform mostly was woodcut, which creates a raw expression & Monotopy, a technique where you create only one print & a expression similar with painting.

She portray her works in various medias such as painting, sculpturing with clay or recycled things and with her own twist of graphic printing techniques & sometimes a mix of them. Her art is a constantly conflict between living in the reality & follow the madness of imagination. A way to find the beauty and make something out of it in a world of tumult.

Inspiration comes from the love of materials & structures. The ruling & brutal Nature, fragments in architectural styles,the inner & outer existence of humanity.

Through exhibitions, winner in juried contests and various projects, Sabina has shown graphics, sculptures and paintings in Sweden, Italy & Japan.

Recently, she started tattooing. An art form that complements the free abstract creation with a more detailed technical knowledge. A contrast she loves to combine.

To see what is going on in her artistic life, please follow Sabsabsabstudio & Unpodinero_ink on instagram.


2019   - ARTOLYMPIA 2019 - International open art contest)-

            ( Award winner selected artist ) Painting. Group exhibition -  Tokyo metropolitan art                     museum & Toshima Eco Musee Town, Tokyo/Japan.

2019   - BIBART 2018/19 BIENNALE ARTE INTERNAZIONALE -                                                              (contest winner & Award winner: special mention Abstract artist ) Paintings.

             group exhibition - Bari Veckia/Italy.

2018   - “FRIDA KAHLO – ARTE,AMORE E RIVOLUZIONE ”- (contest winner) Painting.

             group exhibition - MOA-Museum  of  Operation Avalanche, Eboli, Italy.

2018   - ”LA GIOCONDA A MODO MIO ” (contest winner)

             Painting, group exhibition - Catanzaro/Italy. 

2016   - Project -  Artist/ artistic teacher- Ystad/Sweden.

2016   - Project POPUP-store  Exhibition - Paintings & graphic arts.

2016   - Project Artist Book: Grafika Tek / imprint, impression, expression.

             NR: ISBN 978-91-637-6149-2.

2015   - Solo Exhibition - graphic arts, illustration & paintings -

            St Herrestad hotel/restaurant. -Ystad/Sweden.

2014   -  "FLOCK" -Group exhibition -graphic crafts arts -ST Gertruds Gallery- Malmö/ Sweden.

2014   - Coordinator on degree exhibition , Falsterbo Art Gallery.

2014   - Falsterbo Art Gallery- Falsterbo (Group exhibition)– Graphic & sculpture

2013   - "THE GARDEN OF AN ARTIST" -outdoor sculpture- Malmö Garden show-Sweden.

2013   - ”Mending me Mending you” - Artist Assistent on project Exhibition- Malmö Art Gallery.

2013   - NORDIC ART MALMÖ - Graphic arts- Group exhibition-ST Gertruds Gallery- Sweden.